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Ben Sixsmith

Ben Sixsmith is a Spectator contributing writer based in Poland. He is the author of Noughties: Eleven Echoes of a Dismal Decade.


Why has comedy got so much worse in the Trump era?

Comics should stop trying to be activists, and commentators, and philosophers

By Ben Sixsmith


How Republicans could make Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez president

Like President Trump, her critics make her stronger

By Ben Sixsmith


What’s wrong with Lena Dunham?

Let’s stop the orgy of hate towards a clearly damaged young woman

By Ben Sixsmith


The strange tale of Travis Pangburn and the ‘IDW’

The mysterious rise and fall of ‘Pangburn Philosophy’ says a lot about how the Intellectual Dark Web works. And how it doesn’t

By Ben Sixsmith

Middle East

If Britain won’t offer Asia Bibi asylum, Trump should

The President has an opportunity to show that America First still stands for religious freedom everywhere.

By Ben Sixsmith


Chapo Trap House’s revolution fizzles

The Chapo Guide to Revolution: A Manifesto Against Logic, Facts, and Reason by Chapo Trap House reviewed

By Ben Sixsmith


The yin of Andrew Yang

The unlikely 2020 challenger is a proponent of universal basic income — and all the problems that come with it

By Ben Sixsmith


The curious case of Ron Unz

The former publisher of The American Conservative is a case study in contrarianism gone haywire

By Ben Sixsmith

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