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Ben Kew


Kari Lake isn’t about to go away

Electoral defeat is by no means a political death knell for the Arizona firebrand

By Ben Kew

Campaign 2022

Pro-lifers were the midterms’ biggest losers

Hardline abortion restrictions are not a vote-winner for Republicans

By Ben Kew


Bolsonaro falls as South America tilts toward socialism

Another ‘pink tide’ is sweeping the continent

By Ben Kew

Science & Tech

Is TRUTH Social doomed to fail?

Trump’s own social media platform may have bitten off more than it can chew

By Ben Kew


Can Venezuela’s exodus become America’s gain?

The mass influx of migrants could become a problem for both political parties

By Ben Kew

Trump is doing right by Venezuela – but the US can still do more

Under Maduro, millions of Venezuelans are living without adequate food and medicine

By Ben Kew

Why Trump’s proposal to invade Venezuela is worth taking seriously 

Last week, the Associated Press reported that President Trump once pressed aides on the possibility of invading Venezuela to topple the ruling Maduro regime. The move, last August, was allegedly dismissed by his then-National Security adviser H.R. McMaster as a rash idea that would undermine America’s relationship with his Latin American allies.  Yet Trump wasn’t convinced. […]

By Ben Kew

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